Farming Equipment


Welcome to Agri Mart Zambia, your trusted online platform for all agriculture machinery, tools, and equipment tailored for the Zambian farming community. Our range of farming equipment is meticulously curated to meet every farmer’s needs, from small-scale farming operations to large commercial farms.

Our selection includes a wide array of tractors, the backbone of any farm operation. We offer models from all renowned brands , These tractors are built for durability and power, ensuring you can tackle any task with confidence.

We also stock an extensive range of tractor attachments and implements such as ploughs, harrows, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, balers, wagons or trailers, and orchard cabs. These versatile tools enhance the functionality of your tractor, making it a multi-purpose machine capable of handling diverse farming tasks.

Looking for harvesting equipment?
Explore our collection featuring state-of-the-art harvesters from top brands, designed to deliver maximum yield with minimum effort. We carry equipment for planting, seeding, and tillage too, ensuring you have the right tools for every stage of the crop cycle.

For those interested in used agricultural equipment, we offer a variety of pre-owned machines from trusted John Deere dealers across the country. This provides an affordable solution for farmers looking to expand their fleet without breaking the bank.

In addition to these, we stock a comprehensive range of other farm equipment including sprayers, combines, and feeders. And for specialized tasks, we offer unique machinery like grape harvesters and hay balers.

At Agri Mart Zambia, we’re committed to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of Zambian farms through quality equipment. Browse through our selection today and equip your farm with the best!